Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


I believe that some perspectives are of equal importance , however some may be bias and reliable , therefore I disagree.

One reason i believe this is because, someone with first-hand experience will be more bias whereas someone who isn’t being affected will be more neutral. For example, in Myanmar Kobir Basar, a Rohingya muslim said, “ The military set fire to our houses.” But the UN secretary-General , Antonio guterres reported, “ The situation has spiralled into the world's fastest developing refugee emergency.”

This shows that every perspective is not important because Kobir Basars point of view may have been exaggerated to benefit himself. However , because Guterres has not been emotionally affected , he has put all emotions aside and has been sceptical but open-minded about the facts he has been given . in doing that , he has been able to give an unbiased and valid report which is accurate and truthful.

A second reason i believe this is because, people might not be getting accurate information on the situation. What i mean by this is some may get information off social media site which are spreading what they know based on what they have been told. Most of the time things like this are lies shared by people who are against the victims. For example, in Myanmar Aye Mat Mon - a Buddhist university student - reads about the issue on facebook where a lot of anti-Rohingya news is being spread. She says that she's afraid that they'll overrun the country. Is sending innocent people out of the the country because they are of a different religion okay? Do you consider this fair? Why isn't anybody doing anything about the situation?This leads me on to something else. The state counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi said that when she she won the election she would bring peace to the country. This doesn't look like a peaceful country to me .She has been avoiding talking about the situation and seems to not bother about it, and it also seems like she had no idea whatsoever about the military bombing innocent peoples houses. It seems like someone is lying about the situation. Did i mention the she's also a buddhist. I think she is not talking about it because she wants to keep the people in the country who are buddhists safe.

This shows that every perspective is not important because people may not be telling you the full truth therefore you can't get the full picture.

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