Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


I believe that every perspective is important however they may not have equal value .

One reason i believe this is,some people that have not been affected by this have made some racist comments on social media sites.for example in myanmar a university student named Aye Myat Mon has been saying that the Rohingya people don’t belong in this country.but the information that she has gathered was from an anti-Rohingya site. She has been spreading the news around as well as saying something that shouldn’t have. This is one quote from her:”they don’t belong in this country and are not our people. This is a fact. They are illegal immigrants and were worried that they’ll overrun our country.

This shows that ever perspective is not important because people just follow the crowd in what they say and don’t say their real feelings.they mostly get these things from anti-Rohingya sites and look at other peoples comments that are racist and rude comments that’s why i think that other rude comments should not be considered in these types of problems. They can also have a very bad outcome.

Another reason why i believe this is that what if someone was clearly seen doing something bad but when they went to court the judge only listened to the person that commited the crime and everything what he said was a lie and he got away with it with no consequences. And the person who reported him was told to not blame people for things that they have not done and they got fined. For example in myanmar the Rohingya people are being forced out of their homes and are being killed because people in myanmar think that they don't belong