Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


I believe that only the relevant opinions should be heard nationally, therefore, not every perspective is important.

One reason I believe this is because bias journalist could edit what actually happened. So I believe that only people who have affected or been affected should have an actual say in the problem.

For example in Myanmar, people who were anti-Rohingyer were influencing people like Aye Myat Mon who is a university student who came out with racist comments.

This shows that not every perspective is important enough to be heard, or this could cause argumentative discussions towards irrelevant racist comments which have been said nationally.

If too many newspapers weren’t so bias then everybody would have their own opinion on what has happened then nobody would have to see the world is a journalists eyes or somebody from social Media’s eyes.

For example in Myanmar, when people were posting things on social media, lots of people were influenced and were not seeing things in their own eyes but people on social medias eyes. That meant that lots of people had an opinion of something that was not really true.

This shows that not every perspective is important because otherwise people see things in somebody else’s’ eyes.

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