Is every perspective on a news story equally important?

I believe that it is important to hear a wide range of perspectives but they can be racist or violent so they are not all equally important .

One reason I believe this is that some people have racist views. Aye Myat Mon has looking at anti-Rohingya sites. That’s how she formed her perspective.

Aung San Suu Kyi is not doing anything for the country. Also that the Rohingya are having to flee their country and over 700,000 are having to leave. The military are killing all of the Rohingya people like Kobir Basar said that they set fire to there houses and chasing people with weapons and his family has been killed and he saw it with his own eyes. He is now living in a refugee camp.

The US is trying to resolve this problem but it is not helping the situation in any way.