Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


I believe that not everyone should have the freedom of speech because the people who started the crisis will lie to defend themselves. One reason I believe this is true because the Myanmars are causing the complications. They are telling lies saying that the rohingya people have done for more then witnesses have seen. For example, the most common religon in Myanmar is Buddhisum but the Rohingya are muslims so they hate them for that reason. That reason shows that not all perspectives are not important. A second reason I believe that the Myanmers should not have they say because they are accusing the people who lived before the current Rohingya. The Myamnars still think that the current day Rohingya are as rude and selfish as the ones who defended themselves long time ago. They also accuse them for the language they speak because themseslves only speak Burmese. The Myanmars attack them for the kind of clothes they wore. For example, They never talked about the budist people but they critisice the Rohingya. That is an other example of that not every perpective is utterly equally important because they are just doing things for the sake of doing it so the Myanmar can provide revenge.If I was a Rohingya person I would rather die or get killed in an other state then die from hunger or poverty. Now the Rohingya are fleeing from Myanmer so they won't have to suffer the concequences of the Myanmers buddist peolpe. I disagree that every perspective isn't improtant because they is always someone that is telling the truth and someone is always trying to cover the truth.