Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


I believe that perspectives is not equally important , as some may hold a bias view and cannot be trusted. I believe that perspectives are not equal because, people can be bias, and lots of people can hold a bias view on facebook.

We need to ask them to be honest, but some people cannot be trusted and then lies just get spread and then the truth does not get told so it is not a good idea to go on facebook. It is not a good idea to tell lies. So get your information from a reliable source and then go on facebook and ask them good questions then they won’t be able to answer and then you know when there lying.

But when someone is lying be sceptical, to think is this true or is this false. Some people can be bias and cannot be reliable and we have to make sure that we can get it from a reliable source and make sure it is true, then you can tell the news story then people will know the real news, but however you have to look out for when people are being bias. It is not good to listen to the people that are posting fake news online.

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