Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


One of my reasons that I think that not all perspectives are equally important is, that if someone got a view of the crisis on Social Media then you could be fed fake news and then you would find out the wrong news.

An example is, say if I had got a text saying “Oh your Mother has just been killed by a Rohingya” but she was actually killed by the military then that would be a non-important perspective of the crisis.

I believe that perspectives are not of equal importance because some victims of this crisis could hold a bias view. This is an non-important perspective because if you then get a bias lie then that would be trying to save yourself with a statement that isn’t even true.

For example, in Myanmar a university student who read her news on facebook said this “they do not belong here this is our country. This is a fact. They are illegal citizens and I’m worried they will takeover our country. Her name is Aye Myat Mon.

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