Is every perspective on a news story equally important?


I believe that every perspective is important however, some perspectives can be more relevant than others, therefore I disagree with the statement.

The reason I believe this is because Aye Myat Mon a university student from Myanmar reads all of her news via Facebook but o social media anyone can go on and write fake news about anti-Rohingya crisis.

On the other hand, a man called Kobir Basar saw everything with his own eyes. He saw all of the military burn his village into ashes and the military separating his family by chasing them around killing them, He experienced this first-hand so that is one reason I believe that every perspective is NOT equally important.

A second reason I believe this is, because all perspectives are valued very much, but sometimes their status in society makes one persons’ perspective more valid and can impact other peoples’ opinions.

For example in Myanmar, the state councillor Aung San Suu Kyi rarely ever talked about the problem. But now recently she pointed the finger at the terrorists saying they started the Rohingya problem.

With these two reasons I completely disagree with the statement “Every perspective on a news story is equally impotant.”