Is Everyones Perspective Equal?

After thinking a lot about this question, I finally decided that i agree and disagree. I beleive everyone has an unique point of view and deserves to be heard. Even though, some points of view may be incorrect or untrue.

As a result, new imnovating ideas are taken into consideration. For example:

  • Cristobal Colombus sugested the earth was round, and that they could take a new route to Asia, unfortunately no one believed him. Until he asked the king and queen of Spain who actually thought his perspective had a lot of potential. Eventually, he proved people wrong. He travelled around the earth and discovered a whole new continent America!
  • Isaac Newton also had a diferent point of veiw, he beleived in gravity. This changed the whole world and everyones perspective. If people hadn't listened to his point of view our knowledge of the world today would be completely diferent.

On the other hand, some points of view may just be lies or irrelevant.

  • For expample Aung San Su Kyi said terrorists were to blame for this terrible crisis, but did terrorists arrest two innocent reporters? No, she did. If she wanted to she could stop harassing Rohingya, she could set the reporters free, she could end all of this.
  • Going back to Colombus's point of view in the earth's shape, i think we can now confidently say that the earth isn't flat, but round. The perspective of the earth being flat has been proved incorrect therefore that perspective is innacurate.

At the end of the day, I'd say I mostly think that all perspectives are equal, as everyone has their own thoughts and beleifs. But I feel like there can be a few exceptions for this, like in Aung San Su Kyi's case.

thank you very much for reading,


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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk 19 Oct 2018

    Hi neat kiwifruit! This is a good Final piece that uses some original examples to support your arguments. Well done. Reasoning is at its best when it has examples to support each point.

    You say that Aung San Suu Kyi arrested the reporters, and freeing them could end all of this. Do you think this is true? How much impact would this have on the overall events in Myanmar?


  • neat kiwifruit you have done an amazing piece I LOVE IT !!!!!