is homework being given too much or not enough?


As all kids know, homework gets handed out daily or weekly , causeing time to be used up , but we are all entitled ( meaning have the right ) to our own opinion , but homework is like a small test to do at home and its a pain in the bottom if you have other jobs given to you by your parents or you are on a holiday . never forget to hand it in to school or you may be in trouble an have to spend time alone . so , as you have read the sides of the opinion , if there were any ,do you think it should be given daily or weekly ? ill let you decide.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    21 Sep 2018

    Hi methodical_engine. Thanks for giving your opinion on this! The Hub is only used to discuss the Issue that you are exploring in your Burnet News Club sessions. Next time, please share your ideas on this so that everyone stays on the same topic. Thank you!

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