Is one perspective more important than another.

This is a big point because anyone can vote for something for example people can come to a country vote in a general election even if they have been there for a small time. I disagree with this because I feel you should be working and living in the country for 5 years before have any vote and to become a British citizen. This means you are willing to work hard and gain respect for it. But I feel a main opinion to listen to for the vote would be some one whoe's been living and working in a country for 5 years.

Another big point is about myanmar where terrorist attacks have been happening, different people believe a different thing. A Rohingan person who has witnessed the attack would be a bad choice because he could lie to get the terrorists caught. But a terrorist or someone who didnt like Rohingans would be unreliable to because he would side with the terrorist so they were safe. But a reliable source would be a tourist more likely to be truthful but then again he shouldn't have anything to do with it because he isn't from Myanmar.

So what do think Whats your opinion?


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