In my research about myannmar, i have heard that the Rohingya people are fleeing to Bangladesh to be safe, but will they? One thing that is unsafe is that they could die at sea, this is a very high possability. Also Bangladesh is already a poor country full of diseases, can the country cope? What is your view on the situation?

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  • I am 100% sure that it is UNSAFE! Most Rohiingyans probably think to risk death at sea would mean they'd still be in a better situation than the one which they're in now. Bangladesh is super poor and they just CAN'T COPE with all this people coming into their country. Thr Rohingyans may be a small part Myamwar but their numbers probably still can reach to a million!

  • I don't think they will; there isn't enough food or drink, they are living in pack refugee camps and there are diseases spreading all over Bangladesh. It's a very poor country and they have more people to keep alive

  • I don't think they will personally because:
    1) It is a very poor country.
    2) It's already struggling with the population.
    3)It is massively filled with different kinds of diseases.
    4) It is such a danger to the children.