All the refugees from Myanmar are moving to Bangladesh as the Myanmar military have been setting fire to their houses ect...

Bangladesh is a poor country with not many homes for the Rahingyas. They are staying at a refugee with hardly any food, drink and clothes. I feel like the Bangladesh Government is going to kick the Rahingyas out because the Myanmar military will bring war to that country and they will make the country more poor as it is already. I don't know where they will get sent to though. I want them to be safe and wealthy as everyone should be treated the same. I want Aung Sang Suu Kyi and the UN (the United Nations) to act as soon as possible. Children are sufering from: lack of education, starvation, thirst, stress and home sickness. Thank you for reading.

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  • balloon Claire @ Topical Talk 21 Sep 2018

    Hi majestic_region!

    Thanks for getting involved in this discussion, you have really thought about how the Rohingya people might be feeling.

    Please only select Final piece for a post if it is your developed opinion at the end of a topic. Your teacher will help you know when to do this!