My experience of Bangladesh

Our experience of Bangladesh is complicated. The Bengali people all work together to help refugees from different countries and provide them with a home, food and other important things. However, in Bangladesh there is fighting going between different cultures and even the countries around the outside.

congenial_theory: When I visted our grandparents in Dhaka, the Capital of the country, there were lots of high building full of flats. It was loud and smokey with lots of people to meet. There were hundreds of shops and I bought lots of dresses there. We ate samosas, rice, chicken and vegetables.

Chatty_ temperature:When I visited Sylhet, in the North it was actually quite fun. I visited loads of places, helping my Uncle prepare for his wedding. The town had a market centre with shops selling accesories and open shops selling food. People spoke Bengali but in a different accent to how they speak in the Capital. We ate lots of rice and chicken and even pigeon.

There are offices around Bangladesh, helping people in crisis in nearby countries. On TV the adverts were explaining that people were living on the streets and were very poor. They were asking the families to help other people, giving them the resources they need.

If you had £1 it would buy you a roof for a family, clothes for them or medicines.

Bangladesh is our families home. They country is trying to help the countries around them; offering food and help or a place to live. However, Bangladesh is suffereing from the yearly floods and storms and so needs help from the rest of the world to care for their neighbours.

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