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Well my opinion on this important story are as follows, firstly it's really important for people from around the world to know what countries like Maynmar and the Rhohinger people are going through. My message to all of you is to be safe cause there are some bad people in the world such as terrorists

I believe perspective in a news story is really important cause news is really important it might be boring but its really important to listen to bstuff like this and it makes sure your safe and lets you know if anything is happening around you or something like that but I think news is really important and if you're being arrested or something like that you will need evidence to show if your guilty or not and it might be embarrassing being on tv but if your on there all the time it might be ok for you cause you will be used to it and that's all my opinions.

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  • Ravenscroft-logo-250x250.jpg communicative_bird | Ravenscroft Primary School
    23 Oct 2018

    What about if you don't have the variety of perspectives that you ought to have a full understanding? For example, if you just get an opinion from the so called 'Myanmarese citizens' you will think that they are innocent and if you just get an opinion from the Rohingya then you might not know why the 'Myanmarese citizens' aren't fond of them. So no matter how important perspective might be, you might want to ask yourself how lethal can they actually be?

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