My Final Piece On Myanmar

I believe `Every perspective on a news story is equally important`. I believe this point is sure for me because we dont know the secret behind a news story whether it is true or not. One reason I believe this is because if you think about social media you don`t know if it is all true, as maybe 1% of social media is actually the truth but the 99% might be all a lie. For example, when you buy something online you may see that it is a really good image of the item but actally they might be scaming you into buying that item as the real object could be broken and used. That image would be clickbait.

I am not sure if I always trust the news stories because some people get their news by Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. This also goes back to a situation in Myanmar when Aye Myat Mon said that she got her news by Facebook. I am sceptical about how reliable that Facebook news is and whether Aye Myat Mon has been given all the facts about the Rohingya crisis.

It is important to hear `every perspective on a news story` because if we only hear one opinion on a story then we may not get all the background information about that story so we don`t know whether the witness is telling the truth or not

Super Skill Challenge

I believe I have used Reasoning in my post by backing up my information with evedience.

I believe I have used Story-telling in my work because I have told a storry on Social Media .

I believe I have used Secptism in my post by challenging how reliable Facebook is.

I believe I have used Curiosity in my post by questioning the way online sales work.

I belive I have used Open-mindeness in this issue by listening to the different representatives from Myanmar to help me form my opinions.

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