My opinion on:Myanmar and rohinga


My opinion on Myanmar people is that their leader,Aung san suu Kyi, isn't doing anything,her people are dying in that country,nearly the whole country had to move to a Refugee camp,can u belief that?and the leader isn't doing anything?My opinion on Myanmar people is that i hope they get their problem solved with rohinga and I hope their leader helps them fight this disaster,which is still going on today

My opinion on rohinga is that i don't think that their treating the myanmars right and that aung san suu kyi should help her myanmarian people and that both countries should solve their problems,My opinion on rohingian people should stop disrespecting the myanmars and that they should respect them,because their people just like us,you are welcome to reply with opinionative comments and I hope that these countries should stop the drama in their lives,I hope all of you think the same!