My Opinion


I agree that everyone should have their opinion shared and I`ll tell you why I believe this in this piece of writing.

Everyone has the right to speak and it is great that everyone has a different perspective so you can learn about each others ideas and build on them to create an amazing idea.Another reason I believe this is because if there was an accident you would need to hear what the witnessess would say but also the person that made the accident happen because you would need information if they did it on purpose.For example in Myanmar the Rohingya people are being forced to leave their homes and have now traveled to Bangladesh in hope for a new life.This shows that every perspective is important because the Bangladesh people might not agree that the Rohingya people should stay in their country since it is already a very poor and small country, if the population gets bigger there will be less food and homes for the Bangladesh people.My second thing to say is in Myanmar we haven`t heard from the Budhist people that are not in the army and actually like the Rohingya people and are close friends with them or have a relationship with a Rohingya person.

Thank you for reading my Final Piece:)

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