In Myanmar they have been flead out of there home from certain people who live there.The Myanmar people are getting moved into Bangladesh .People have been chased with knives and other weapons people have witnessed and has been see from many people .Some people have all ready been killed sadly .

How do you think Bangladesh people feel ?

In my opinion i think they feel confused because people have justed been walking in to there city .Bangladesh are probably feeling bad for them so there welcoming them in to cheer them up because they are probably wanting peace in the world so there letting them in . At the same time they are probably being annoyed because they have to give there food to a nother contry . That means they have to work harder so they can have there own food at the same time.I think that because there's probably a million people who live there .

Who are the people who are chasing them away?

It is a little army that are strong in A way . They are not actually from Myanmar they are from somewhat else . The cruel,disgusting men or women have being burning down houses . The other people should feel disgusted with them self. They aren't that much people left in Myanmar .

How does Aung San Suu feel ?

I think she feels scared because she's let people into her world and there betraying her . I think the president has now got used to them being horrible she's probably lost her confidence to stand up to herself so she's not doing anything .If she now knows how bad they can be she might still want to live so she is not standing up for her self .