Myanmar Issue

Personally, I strongly agree with this statement without any doubts about it. I believe that everyone's opinion or perspective matters and that everyone's points should be heard and treated as equally as any other persons. Read further to hear my reasonings and explanation.

My first reason is because I believe that people normally base the truth off of who has the most importance and who is known -or most familiar- to the people or country/place. I strongly think that this is a wrong way to think and that everyone should be heard and listened to.

My example behind this thought (or suggestion) can be brought back to the situation because the leader-Aung san suu Kyi- may think that she’s doing a lot and she’s making a huge difference or impact to this tragic crisis; whereas the people of Myanmar may believe she’s not doing anything and she should be doing more and could easily be doing more but she is abandoning her responsibilities.

This show the difference in perspectives is important because you can see how different at the different extents of empowerment and the highly contrasting opinions. They’re all going through the same situation/ problem and yet they still see such different views.This proves that everyone should be heard because you can see everyone’s thoughts and get the honest truths about the crisis. You can also see how it’s affecting everyone.

My second thought is that if you only listen to one opinion, then how do you know that it’s reliable and they aren’t just telling you a lie to make it sound better or worse than it actually is?

In Myanmar, this can be shown by what the government say and what the people say. This can be related to my previous point because the government may think that they are making a huge difference and less people are suffering by the day.However, the people in Myanmar, think it is worsening by the day and no improvements have been for weeks maybe even months.

This shows that every perspective is important because you can get a rounded opinion and look at the different views before deciding; who you believe, who’s fault it is and who’s making the littlest impact.

To conclude, I strongly stand by my point and I believe everyone should be heard and treated as an equal importance and just as truthful. Others could argue that it’s better to go of of popularity and most familiar faces opinions;however, if you did that, then would that mean that the witnesses who experienced the actual situation/event wouldn’t matter as much? I hope my views were helpful and thank you for your time!

What BNC skills have I used?:

Curiosity- I ask a range of questions to help my understanding of questions to help my understanding.

Reasoning- I am able to give many reasons and back them up with reasoning.

Scepticism- I am able to tell which statements are weak and need to be challenged.

Story telling- I can communicate in a way that captures the audience's attention and I am able to change the way I communicate to suit different audiences.

Open mindedness- I can seek different points of view before making up my mind, and after listening I am able to change my mind.

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