Myanmar issue


Myanmar is a sign of inequality but I think everybody should be treated equally because it's not fair for a half of a world more important and the over half not so the full world is all equal and should be treated the same .What happening in that Countrie shouldn't be it affects,hurts and kills so it needs to end .This event needs to end hopefully it ends and gets better help Myanmar be happy and bright so every one is loved and respected to have a good ,joyfull life .

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  • We do want everyone to have a good, joyful life so this needs to be ended or it will result in people getting hurt or even dying! The refugee camp is too over-crowded and it still needs to hold more people from Myanmar. I totally agree with you.

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  • Everyone has the right to be respected and every one has the right to feel safe. Where I am I don't feel worried about going to school alone or to the shops. Everyone should feel this way because everyone is someone and everyone should enjoy their life no one should feel insecure.