Myanmar Refugee Crisis

The crisis in Myanmar has continued to grow over recent months as the Rohingyas have been forced to flee their homes and go to their neighbouring country Bangladesh. Refugee camps have been set up along the country of Bangladesh to help the Rohingya rebuild their lives. Lots of Rohingyas were forced to leave just because they were a different religion to everyone else. Myanmar is mostly a buddhist country with 90% buddhists. The other ten percent is Muslim. They were the ones who were made to leave.

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  • Noel-Park-logo-250x250.jpg authentic_moon | Noel Park Primary School
    29 Sep 2018

    I really feel sad for Rohingyas because it's just not fair for them to get kicked and get forced out of their country in Myanmar and go to Bangladesh for no reason. This is very unfair and very unloyal. I really think that the Rohingyas should go to a good place and start a good life OVER again. I really wish to help them, when there is charity, I will donate all my funds to help them.

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