Myanmar the facts

what,where,why,how. Myanamar is located on the tropic of cancer in Asia. It has borders that connect to laos, China, India, Thailand, Bangaldash. The capitail of myanmar Naypyidaw and there leader is Win Myint. Win Myint became the president in 2018 on the 30th of march. there is 51.5 million people live in myanmar and the population of the capitol is 900,000 people. Also myanmar has been under millitry rule for 39 years. when the millitry power started its resent rule the rulling millitry changed its name from burma to Myanmar however countries like the UK and the USA did not agree to the change of name. Burma is the 'democratic' name for 'Myanmar' whilst the millitry name is 'Myanmar'. This caused lots of controversey in the state of Myanmar. when myanmar was created the millitry party decied to eradicate the minority muslim religion by commiting genocide or forcing them out of myanmar. Even though the UN has said that this is the greatest persucting of ethinc minority in the world.