Myanmar the final piece


I believe everyone's perspective is not always important.

One reason is this is because somepeople like terroist and beginners of war should not be heard, they are most likely to defend them selves and also not be truthful.

The Rohingya perspective should be heard beacause they didn't do anything misconvienient just come to Myanmar to live a life but as you know the majority of Myanmar are budist and the Rohingya are muslim so the civilians so they are attacking Rohingya verbally and physically which is wrong.

For example, in Myanmar the military are setting fire to homes and killing the Rohingya. Aung san suu Kyi isn't saying anything about the crisis, she is not sticking up for the Rohingyas.

My second reason that i believe this is not exceptable as the Rohingya are leaving with distress and some getting killing as i told you before that the military set fire to homes and villages would you like to see fire surrounding you or dead bodies covering the street. Also Aung San Suu Kyi should demand the military to STOP!

Do you think Aung San Suu Kyi should speak out and let Rohingyas to come in?

As an addition point the crisis is increasing every single day which is wrong so the UN should convience Myanmar to let in foreign people in.

And that's my point.

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