MYANMAR: What Makes Us Trust?

Many of us trust whatever we hear. Many do not. Some people trust with evidence. Some people don't trust even with it.

There are many reasons that we either do or don't trust. This can include knowing the author, the article being from a genuine source or prior knowledge of the source. Trust is generally used in the case of the news, as well as in real life. Youtube is a media known for fake news spreading around it, mainly in the form of clickbait.

Clickbait: Advertising a video so that the audience will want to watch it, and where the advertised event never happens.

Many newspapers are also known for selling fake news, and even make their entire profits off of it. Some people may not realise that these media outlets are known for selling fake news, and may spread 'gossip', based off of the news they read. Places like Instagram are also known for selling fake news, most usually by verified influencers, who get paid for advertising products. Since these come from users with the 'big blue tick' next to their username, they are more likely to be believeable. This is also true for media platforms such as Snapchat and Twitter.

So, what makes you trust?

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  • Streatham-Wells-logo-250x250.jpg industrious_moon | Streatham Wells Primary School
    18 Sep 2018

    This is very interesting because i have noticed it with 'YouTubers' who use the fact that they have lots of subscribers to make money. Because they have a big following they get paid by companies to influence people into buying their products. In my personal experience i am more likely to trust people who i am familiar with, this also includes youtubers that i usually watch because i almost feel like i have shook their hand before. Writing this reply has got me thinking that just because i have seen them a lot doesn't mean they are trustworthy as they might have their own reasons for what they are saying. These could be lies that will benefit them. Therefore it is important to not always believe everything you hear, do your own research and be open minded.

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    1. Streatham-Wells-logo-250x250.jpg breathtaking_deer | Streatham Wells Primary School
      industrious_moon's comment 19 Sep 2018

      I agree with you industrious moon.I think it's good that you added a lot of detail and I really think that what you are saying is true.

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