Myanmar's Political Issues And A Quiz


Myanmar has lots of problems that many people think about.

What's happening?

Tun Khin, from the Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK, says that Rohingya are suffering atrocious amounts and perpetrated by security forces in the northern part of Rakhine state. The Military are attacking and setting fire to homes and mosks. The Rohingya are muslim and are being treated terribly because of that respect. In the past year over 700,000 Rohiningya have fled from Myanmar ( Burma ) to Bangladesh. The Rohingya have experianced terrible things like attacks and scarce amounts of foods.

What is the UN doing?

A UN spokeswoman described Myanmar as 'probably the most friendless people in the world'.The UN human rights office recently said for a second time this year that abuses suffered by them could amount to crimes against humanity. It also said that it regretted that the government had failed to act on a number of recommendations it had provided, including lifting restrictions of movement on the Rohingya.It has called for an investigation into the recent allegations of rights abuses, as well as for humanitarian access to be given.

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