News Reporting Task

At the Burnet News Club, we have been discussing the Myanmar Crisis. We have spoken about how the treatment of the Rohingya people is prejudiced and cruel.

The fact that they follow a different religion (Islam) does not justify the way they are treated and because they are treated this way it may cause future uprisings between predominantly Muslim and predominantly Buddhist countries. The State Counsellor of Myanmar (Aung San Suu Kyi) claims that she is opposed to the maltreatment of the Rohingya people and says that it all started with terrorists. She has also said that a lot of fake news was spread about the issue and that although she has publicly spoken out against it and had a democracy over it, the military still controls most of the Rohingya people’s treatment therefore she is unable to make a significant change. An international UN representative, Antonio Gúterres, has also been involved in the subject.

Overall, I think that what is happening to the Rohingya people is WRONG, they have never done any thing to deserve this. We should be thankful that most parts of the world don’t treat a specific race, religion or gender worse than anyone else.

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