Opinion Piece

“Every perspective on a news story is equally important.”

I agree with this statement. I believe that the Rohingya people’s stories are real. One reason I believe this is true is because the news reporters have interviewed people and videoed what has happened so the evidence is there. For example, in Myanmar, over 600,000 people have had to leave because of the damage to their villages. This shows that every perspective is important because children have also been killed and the world needs to know what the Myanmar government wants to keep secret.

A second reason I believe this is because there are eye-witnesses who have seen atrocious things such as burning down of villages and women who have been raped. Some of these women were then killed, but some got away and have told their stories.

People in Myanmar are walking for days and being hit by land-mines set by the Myanmar military. Many are starving and have no water. This shows every perspective is important because these people need our help and when you see what is happening to innocent people, you want to help them.

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