Perspective on a news story: Important or Not?


In my opinion, I think that the statement '' Every perspective on a news story is equally impotant'' is true because if someones opinion was left out it may be like loosing important information e.g if there was a crime and a witness who saw whatever happened was left out you might not be able to fully understand the problem.

One reason I believe this is because when we did a discussion starter about a school trip inccident, we had to hear from everyone so when we heard from person number 1,2and 3 and they all had different opinions but when we heard from number 4 we were able to figure out the scene properably with more evidence so if we leave people out we could lose important info that could help unraffle the crisis.

An example isthat in we haven't heard from the Bangladeshe government or any neighbouring countries and they might have something relevant to the issue to say.that could change the whole situation.This shows that every perspective is important because hearing everyone means that the full story is able to be formed and the truth can be heard.

A second reason I believe this is because if their was an serious crisis and someone wcho maybe saw the whole situation happen it could maen that someone could either get acused of sometging wrong done by someone else or some inportant info lost.This applies to Aung San Suu Kyi becuse if she is able to hear other opinions she could be able to figure out the true story of the crisis. Just like a puzzle.

Maybe if their were spies from other countries that may know about what the military will do or if they have an idea about helping the problem decrease we should listen to them because their opinion could make at least a small difference. As well as a crisis being an example their is a human rights law that says freedom of speechwich means that every one is a llowed to say their opinion but I don't think that Myanmer have sighned the human rights law because of the way the military treat Rohinga.

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