I believe that every perspective is equally important. I have this opinion because everyone can see ther same event but from a different view (physically or mentally). For example, in a previous task, four different witnesses or suspects saw the same event but they all thought it happenned a different way. Also,in Myanmar, Aung Sann Suu Kyi is telling a different tale to the Rohingya; however, it doesn't mean either story is completely wrong. One party is saying it is terrorists - Aung Sann Suu Kyi- and the other is telling the rest of the world it is the military. Who is saying it cannot be both?

A second reason I believe this is that every person can tell the right story. Just because someone is rich or famous or powerful it doesnt mean their story is the full truth. A poor or young or ordinary person can tell the truth just as easily as the popular parties. For example, in Myanmar the accounts of many people have been taken - not just the UN Nations secretary or the leader of the country. This means not just popular humans accounts is fully right because everyone makes mistakes - even people that seem like superhumans.

Also, another news story that links to this, Mrs Theresa May is telling everyone that she will let England leave the EU. However, she is having trouble with her party. This means nothing she demands comes through the parliament. This is a good idea becase it means everyone has an equal perspective. This is important as it means an absurd idea like , for example, no school cannot be passed without a majority and it is doubtful a ridiculous idea like that would be passed.

However, I can see why njjjej

In conclusion, I believe that every perspective is equally important.

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