Priority seats!


There will be a need for individual risk assesment and priority.Althouh,It was hard to decide who should get the seat because we don't really know if the people using their phones and sitting down had something like a disability but I finaly chose the pregnant woman.I decided she NEEDED the seat because she's pregnant which makes her vulnerable ( she might have come far so that means she could get stressed ).Also, the man with two kids can hold onto the a bar on the train/bus' sides while the kids cling to his legs. Similarly, if the transport vehicle bumps up suddenly the pregnant woman might go into early labour if she has an accident and could be hurt during the fall ( that's fatal though). I realised the elderly lady could put her cane in front of her while holding it to support her front and lean on the window to support her back. And lastly the man with the broken leg coul use the crutch on the side of his bad leg to steady him up and hold onto the bars of the sides. There will be a need for risk assessment and priority.

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