Rohingya Crisis final piece


I believe that every side to a story is important, I bleieve this because if you only know one side of a story it just isn't enough information for example if sombody told you just what they think is the most important part and you go to the next person you get a whole different story because they tell you what THEY think is the most importanat part of the experience. Secondly I believe to actually get to the botom of things you need to know what everyone thinks like in Myamar the the people are treated differently becuse of what they think they know from there point of view and to finish this part of EVERY ONE HAS A FREEDOM OF SPEECH. For example the rohingya's are getting prosocuted because of things they know of from the past this shows that every perspective is important because when the rohingya's had to flee they had to go to Bangladesh who are also a poor country they need there voice heard cause they're struguling to wih the extra people. Aswell as that sooner or later Ang san su kyi may be asked to talk and won't know which side to take and lastly the rohingya crisis is serious and is geting better but every ones side must be heard to resolve this issue and that it all comes down to the gouverment making the right choise.