Should Aung san Suu kyi still be state councillor ?


Should Aung san Suu kyi still be state counciler ? We all know that she did get the Nobel peace price for standing up for democracy and human rights, and she did great things then but now she is ignoring questions which some people would like the answer to. Aung san Suu kyi is letting people flee from the country that they belong in. Lots of people have been killed just because of what they believe in or where they live. I think that to stop this happening Myanmar needs a new leader. It was only last month when she pointed her fingers at terrorists and said that they caused all the violence; I agree with Aung san Suu kyi on that one. People should believe in their own rights and be treated fairly no matter where they are from, especially the Rohinga people. I think that people are against them and they don’t deserve it, that makes me think that some people are racist to them.

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