Should everyone have a say/perspective?

In my opinion everyones point of view should be included whether your black white dark or even mixed because its not fair if we include some people and don’t include others for silly and childish reasons everyones opinion matters. This relates to the current issue in Mynmar. Carry on reading to find out why my perspective is so important.

In continuation, I would like to say that everyone’s point of View is equally and truly important as people could possibly lie if they have done wrong and blamed it at someone else but and that person does not get to share there part of what happened. It’s the same thing that is currently happening at the moment in Mynmar people are not allowed to even have their ideas included they have to be shoved and forced to flee in dismay because people don’t like them and they can’t share their personal opinion which is quite unfair. Even if you have done wrong and murdered someone you still need to have a say it’s that cruiscal.

Furthermore if I have done something inappropriate or against the law ( which I haven't done) I would want to have a say or my perspective of what happened. Wouldn’t you?

In conclusion to my final peice, everyone should have their perspectives heard whether there’re a boy or girl, Man or woman, Disabled or not.

Everyone should have a say!

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