should everyone have the right to free speech


Do you agree with me that everyone should have the rights to free speech or do you agree with me that some people is not to say the rights or the rongs .

I am in the midel because if it was a anounsmantof and it was realy sereos . About boming or nore afents but black people is note aloud to marrey wight people .

Wot wood you say

I think black and wight people should have a felling for one a nother because we are all the same just are jender or the coler of us .

I think boming is a really seareos thing . Becaues to people it is very scary and it is very mean . why why do we nead bomes in are life why do we nead bad people in are life .

why are the bomes made . why do people bome other people wot about you are a bomer and a nother bomer nealy bomed you and you nealy died wood you like it no you wodent or wood you .

I hope you agree with me

thank you