Should we Raise Money for Where the Rohingya are staying?


Over 2017, 700,00 Rohingya people have been forced to flee from Southeast Asia, and are now staying in a camp. But since it's a small camp their staying in, it's means it's harder, because they need to get more things for them all. So, should try and raise money for the camps their staying in?

Well, I think we should, because then they could buy more food and clothes, so they can care for more people in the camps the Rohingya people are staying in.

Well, what do you guys think? You could be thinking that we shouldn't, because the Rohingya people were not allowed to go where the Myanmar people where. You also may be thinking that we should, because the Myanmar people were a little mean forcing them to leave, when probaly they just came there so they could have a bit of a better life, but it just got worse.

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