The 60 sec report

In our most recent BNC lesson, we were told to put together a 60-second or less news report. We had to choose 2 perspectives out of the 4.

Who did we chose?

Me and my partner chose the Buddhist student Aye Myan Mon, who thinks that the Rohingyas should leave Myanmar, despite them living there thousands of years. She reads her news on Facebook, where lots of Anti-Rohingya news is being spread. She also mentioned that the Muslim Rohingyas are "illegal immigrants" and that they ( the Buddhists) are worried they (the Rohingyas) will overrun the country.

We also chose the Rohingya, Kobir Basar, as we thought it would be nice to have the 2 oppositions. Kobir Basar is unemployed and currently lives in a refugee camp in Bangladesh, where most Rohingyas who have experienced violence have fled to. He saw it with his very eyes, unlike Myan Mon.

My Opinion

I don't think that holding a bias view, like Aye Myan Mon is, is a good thing to be doing. Especially because if you only hear one perspective, you are most likely to agree with that one perspective. In Aye Myan Mon's case, this is true. Facebook, or rather the people posting on Facebook, are spreading Anti-Rohingya news, which people read, and then follow, thinking "Well, he/she thinks this... so it must be true...I'll agree with them". This is the wrong thing.

Thank you for spending the time reading this!

Do you agree with me?

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