The Burmese military is a group that if In any way feels threatened will attack in an unstoppable way.The United Nations if finaly doing something about this problem and is saying the treatment of the Rohingya pepole is unfair and have now imprisoned some of the generals of the Burmese military.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk 25 Sep 2018

    Hi digital_studio,

    Well done for thinking about the military's involvement in the crisis.

    You're right that the United Nations have published a report about the crisis and said that military generals should face charges. However, it is not correct that some of the generals have been imprisoned.

    It's important to fact-check any information you include in your posts or comments to make sure everyone has the right facts.

    Why is it important to know that the general have not been punished?

  • Because it is unintentional fake which is not needed and incorrect sorry