The school incident...


Raj’s story:

In Raj’s story, he says that he got pushed into Chyna by Lisa. Then Ms Townsend came and saw that Raj pushes Chyna into her. Raj thought that Lisa pushed him into Chyna because of his brand Nessie’s. Ms Townsend was in a moody mood so she accused Raj because she saw him at first sight doing something wrong.

Lisa’s story:

In Lisa’s story, she said that’s she saw a pile of dog and Raj was about to step into it so she pushed him but accidentally pushed him too hard. He got into trouble with Ms Townsend and it looked like she was in a really bad mood.

Ms Townsend‘s story:

In Ms Townsend‘s story, she said the head teacher told her that if the children are really naughty then they can’t goto any of the trips for the rest of the year and she was really stressed. When she came out instantly Chyna bumped into her and she saw Raj push her so she put Raj in a detention.

Chyna‘s story:

In Chyna‘s story, she said that she was normally just walking and all of a sudden, Raj bumped into her. She thought Raj bumped into her just because she is Raj’s cousin. Raj always bumps into Chyna just for fun.

My opinion:

I think that you should listen to everyones opinion because for example if you only listen to Ms Townsend’s opinion then you’d only believe her. Also I would have trusted Chyna because she is really friendly. Although Ms Townsend was really stressed she should have thought twice of what she is doing. Nobody should have got the detention because Lisa was helping Raj not getting his brand new shoes dirty, Chyna did‘nt do anything and Raj was just walking.

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