The struggles of the Rohynga people: an untold story


Médecins Sans Frontières claimed that the discrimination and human rights challenges the Rohingya people have faced at the hands of the country’s government and military are "among the world's top ten most under-reported stories of 2007.” Millions of men, women and children have been forced to flee their homes and live without basic human rights. Unicef claim to be helping over 750000 Rohingya refugee children, who have been removed from their homes and are now living without food, water and clean conditions. Refugee camps are overcrowded and diseases spread rapidly. So why did nobody in Burnet News Club (including our teachers) know that this human crisi was even happening and that it is getting worse as the years go on? Humanitarian crises in otherplaces, like Syria are well reported - we all know what is going on as it is in the news a lot and we talk about it at school. But most of us didnt even know where Myanmar is let alone what was going on with the Rohingya people. We had no idea about how bad the suffering was and how long it has been going on. Why does the news not report on all countries equally? How can we make sure that we know what is going on because if we don't know what is happening we are powerless to make a difference. This shows we as a country need to ensure that we are sending foreign aid to all countries in need - not just those we hear about the most.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk 15 Oct 2018

    Hi incredible_otter. I've awarded you a star here because you have asked some excellent questions which show great curiosity. I wonder what other BNC members think about these. I also wonder how newspapers, TV and radio etc. decide which stories to report on. Could you research this and maybe see if this answers your questions?