The unplaceable sadness


Life is difficult for the Rohingay refugees. They are suffering because of religion. All they lives are at state here ; Aung San Suu Kyi isn't doing anything at all to help these innocent Rohingay people. the group of people live every misrable day on the streets of trying to find where to stay.Don't you feel bad for them!Image if that was you trying to find shelter and comfort because you don't have any of it. Isn't sad for them all they want is happiness and peace inbetween the two states. Wouldn't you agree!Do you want peace or war in the world?

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  • I think thats it is wrong that Aung San Suu Kyi isnt helping. Her pepole they are struggiling it is harsh on the families with young kids and everyone else. There shouldnt be kids on the street it is baffling that no one has helped them. I think that war should be stopped not only in there country but everywhere.Why cant everyone just bring peace to there countries and stop fighting with other countrys it is very very very sad for the kids.