Unravelling the Rohinga refuge crisis


I am sure you have heard and know quite a bit about the Rohinga crisis. Some of you may think it is a terrible disaster and Ann San Su Kyi should seriously do something about this. Others may not even think this is a problem, but guess what I believe that every perspective on a news story is equally important. In my opinion if someone is thinking something there mut be a thinking behind it.

Anyways, you may be thinking why I am talking about this, well Ann San Suu Kyi is not listening to her people and still is not. Now people are seriously injured, have no actual homes, their family and friends are injured or dead,etc.

Now because she doese not know what to do so she is pointing finguers at others and not making stuff happen.

So now I have said my opinion and most of others. Should everyone be listened to and what do you think about all this?

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