Voting and the way it can change you and save lives in countries like Myanmar

Broken chords strike strings of despair, breaking hearts and hurting minds. Hundreds of people ran from their homes in a crisis that would never end. Women and children attacked by those who preach peace, persecuting people pained by broken burns that pull down houses and swipe away lives like a bulldozer, just as they pull down houses in countries across the world. Western countries live in peace, technical and trusting, while those in the third can't trust those that love them and fear foes that could fight their lives and break their strings.

A mass grave was found and pulled apart in a place which hurt hundreds and kidnapped those that would try to leave. One hundred and thirty nine people were taken.

Boats were broken and people sank below, another tragedy found at sea. Countries didn't let them in and they were taken away from places in which they tried to take refuge.

A woman that took power would not use it and it has caused the deaths of 11,000 people that could have survived if you voted in a vote that never occurred. Voting is a right given to most, although most never use it. Vote for those you believe in.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk 17 Oct 2018

    Hi fabulous_pomegranate,

    You've really considered creative writing and description as a way of storytelling here. Your final piece certainly provokes empathy in the reader.

    We've published a modified version to make it suitable for some of the younger BNC members.