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Hey Guys, It's me again artisitic_opinion and todays post will be about prspective please comment sown below on what youthink and read all my posts. They can be really intresting! So without further ado, lets begin...

In our school our most recent session has been about opinions and perspectives we disscussed how you need to get a point of view from every one. When doing this we used the story of the school trip. Raj said that Lisa pushed him and he fell onto Chyna, his cousin. Chyna then fell into Ms Townsend.

Raj's Point of View:

Raj said that Lisa deliberately pushed him because he got a new pair of trainers and she was jealous.

He also said that Ms Townsend never belives him and thatshe was already moody.

Lisa's Point of View:

Lisa said that there was dog poo and that she said to Raj watch out and she immedialty pushed him lightly she did this because she knew thathe had new trainers because Raj was showing them off.

Chyna's Point of View:

Chyna said that Raj always is beig silly and pushing her around because he is her cousin she also said that this is probably why Ms Townsend did nit belive him.She als0 said that Lisa pushed him lightly and Raj was overreacting.

Ms Tounsend's point of view:

Ms Townsend said that the head teacher told her that there cannot be any touble and if there is she will cancell all the trips for the whole year. Ms Townsend said that she did not ant this to happnen because the children wll miss out on a lot of thing. If a member of public called the school saying that they were inappropriatethey the head teacher would cancell all the trips.

How this links to the problem in Myanmar:

In Myanmar people are not getting all the perspectives in the most recent session of BNC we found out that Aung Sann Suu Kyi is saying "We have no idea why the muslim are fleeing the border to bangledesh"

When one Myanmarese, Kobir Basar said " The milatary set fire to our villages and that ther were killing many peoplei saw this with my own eyes"

When you have a problem and you need to sort it out get all the perspectives ans poit of views because in the school trip story, Raj overreacted and was doing the bad thing, when Lisa as doing the right thing.

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