What is your opinion on violence ?

I strongly believe that any form of violence is completely wrong; what is currently going on in Myanmar disgusts me as the citizens that are performing these acts of severe violence are Buddhists, a religion that is thought to be one of the most peaceful in the world. One of the things that really confuses me is that the current leader (state counsellor) of Myanmar - Aung San Suu Kyi - is a humans right activist and former Nobel Prize Winner. This would suggest that she should act upon the travesties that have been taking place in her country, and yet nothing has been done about it. Instead she is hiding away from the press and the media.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
    26 Sep 2018

    Great new discussion starter powerful_bee!

    There are some interesting questions we can ask about if violence is ever OK. For example:

    -Is violence OK if it is to stop violence against many other innocent people?
    Example: Some people argue being violent to captured terrorists for information is OK as it can save many other lives.

    -Is violence OK if the person committing it is a child?
    Example: A two year old hitting another child at daycare

    -Is violence OK if both sides involved are OK with it?
    Example: Boxing is a violent sport.

    1. Elaine-logo-250x250.jpg free_acorn | Elaine Primary School
      Tiff @ Topical Talk's comment 27 Sep 2018

      children should not be attacking other children because its violent

  • St-Edwards-logo-250x250.jpg chatty_temperature | St Edward's Catholic Primary School
    27 Sep 2018

    Violence is very bad especially for children.

  • Graveney-logo-250x250.jpg beloved_chocolate | Graveney School | United Kingdom
    30 Sep 2018

    This is a good question. In the eyes of the law, if a child under the age of ten harms someone, they can not be prosecuted, as they believe that children younger than ten cannot make decisions properly and cannot understand the law. However, i believe that even if they are too young to make proper decisions, violence is still wrong and should be stopped. In the example (a two-year-old hitting another child at daycare), I think that these two children should be kept apart for a while, to prevent any more violence, and should be told off. If this happens every time they hurt a peer, then they will learn that violence is wrong, however I do not think they should be punished, as they may not have understood what they were doing. I believe that, even if the child is very young and does not understand, violence should still be prevented as somebody could get hurt. I think that violence is ok in a sport such as boxing because the boxers are slightly protected, and have agreed to compete. They have put themselves forward, so if they get hurt it is no-one's fault but themselves; they have chosen to put themselves in danger when they do not have to, and that is their choice. The first question is very hard to answer philosophically, as it is not right to harm someone, but if such a thing is not done, then many lives may be in danger. I think that the only solution is to use violence because if the authorities do not then innocent people would be in danger. However this does not mean that it is ok. On the whole, I think that violence is not ok, and should be prevented where possible.

    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
      beloved_chocolate's comment 01 Oct 2018

      Brilliant reasoning, beloved chocolate. Well done! I like that you have grappled with the first question and put forward the utilitarian argument, that it is okay to harm a few people, to protect the many. Can you think of any situations where this wouldn't be justified?

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