Who got your seat?

I, personally, would give my seat to the old lady, as she is more vulnerable than others. And, if I'm honest, that walking stick of hers isn't going to help her on a bus, is it? It could easily slip (not being her fault that it slipped, mind) and cause her to fall and possibly be life-threatning. I thought about the pregnant lady at first, but then I realised that she could effortlessly hold on to a bar/pole or lean her back against that part-where-you're-meant-to-lean-next-to-the-window-and-bar/pole.

However, despite my opinion, i have this question to ask: Why can't all these people sitting down (yes, including me) who are clearly capable of standing up, just quit looking at their phone screens and offer their seat to someone who is clearly in need of your seat?!?

That was my opinion....

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