Who got your seat?

I, personally, would give my seat to the old lady, as she is more vulnerable than others. And, if I'm honest, that walking stick of hers isn't going to help her on a bus, is it? It could easily slip (not being her fault that it slipped, mind) and cause her to fall and possibly be life-threatning. I thought about the pregnant lady at first, but then I realised that she could effortlessly hold on to a bar/pole or lean her back against that part-where-you're-meant-to-lean-next-to-the-window-and-bar/pole.

However, despite my opinion, i have this question to ask: Why can't all these people sitting down (yes, including me) who are clearly capable of standing up, just quit looking at their phone screens and offer their seat to someone who is clearly in need of your seat?!?

That was my opinion....

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  • Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg content_lemon | Boutcher C of E Primary School A | United Kingdom
    28 Sep 2018

    What was your opinion?? I'd love it if you could share it with me!

  • Ormiston-Bushfield-logo-250x250.jpg trusting_politics | Ormiston Bushfield Academy A | United Kingdom
    02 Oct 2018

    I thought that all of them should be able to get the seat however that might not always be possible for quite a few reasons firstly somebody already sat down might have an illness that is not visible. I think that I would look for a disabled seat and help the old lady to move over there to sit down and then let the man on crutches sit down in my old space and you never know but on of the other people might have seen me and decided to do the same but if not then like you said the pregnant lady could hold on and so could the man with children.

  • St-Gregorys-logo-250x250.jpg reflective_dinosaur | St Gregory's Catholic Primary School B
    02 Oct 2018

    If there was 4 seats , I would give it to all of them because the old ladies body is weak and she might topple over. I will also give it to the man with a broken leg as he has only got one leg to balance on. The man can hold one child and hold onto the pole and sit the other one down. The pregnant lady should aswell sit down because the baby might be hurting her.

  • Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg trustful_clarinet | Boutcher C of E Primary School A | United Kingdom
    02 Oct 2018

    l think that you should give the seat to the man in crutches because he needs to hold on to his crutches then he might fall down but the old lady is fragile and weak (not trying to be rude to any granny's) so she could loose balance and tumble over.the pregnant woman also deserves a seat because if she falls she might loose the baby but the man with 2 tots needs to look after them and they might cry.

    1. Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg content_lemon | Boutcher C of E Primary School A | United Kingdom
      trustful_clarinet's comment 03 Oct 2018

      Yes, but the man in crutches could, again easily, hold on to his crutches and hold a bar with his other hand. And with the pregnant lady, well, as I have stated before, she can effortlessly hold on to a bar, resting her back...she will not lose balance that way..

  • Weston-Favell-logo-250x250.jpg honorable_conclusion | Weston Favell Academy | United Kingdom
    09 Oct 2018

    I agree with what you are saying about people using the seats when they don't need to ; however, how do you actually know that everyone on the bus is capable of standing? There could be another elder person, another pregnant women, a person with children ( who admittedly doesn't need to as a necessity sit down) or person with crutches on the bus. This is why the task was so difficult: we did not know all of the facts.

    1. Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg content_lemon | Boutcher C of E Primary School A | United Kingdom
      honorable_conclusion's comment 17 Oct 2018

      True. But in the picture that my Burnet News Club teacher showed us, all the people seated on the bus were, in fact, capable of standing...

  • Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg logical_banana | Boutcher C of E Primary School A | United Kingdom
    16 Oct 2018

    I agree with content lemon because if the old lady might fall down and might die and her family and friends might grief over her

  • Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg impartial_panda_bear | Boutcher C of E Primary School A | United Kingdom
    17 Oct 2018

    I think that every body is as important as each other. personally I would give my seat up to anyone in need

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