Who is actually to blame for the crisis?


Over the past few weeks, the world has been directing all their scrutiny at Aung San Suu Kyi. She has been verbally attacked by the media, criticised by those who were once her allies and blamed for what has been happening to the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, but how much power does she actually have over the crisis?

Aung San Suu Kyi is the de facto leader of Myanmar, a nobel peace prize winner. When her party gained power in 2015/16 she was forced to allow the military a quarter of the seats on offer in parliaments, as there is a law (written by the military itself when it was in power), which states that this must be done. They hold many key positions such as Defence, Security, the police, and maybe, most crucially, the home office. As they control these key defence positions (including, of course, the military) Myanmar's arsenal is at their disposal, and, according to some experts, they would trade control and power for international respect and acknlowledgement. Another symbol of power for the military is the fact that the Commander in Chief of Myanmar's armed forces is basically his own boss, not having to report to Mrs Suu Kyi, and for the fact that he cannot be fired.

Despite this evidence against the military and not Aung San Suu Kyi, some people say that she had the chance to speak out and maybe help prevent the Rohingya crisis, and she did not. Doing this would probably have once again put her under house arrest, however some say this would be a good price to pay for peace, especially as she is a Nobel peace prize winner. Also, she refused to admit that the army is doing this to get rid of the Rohingya in Myanmar, blaming it on terrorists. Many say that she was in fear of the military, but should she not speak out against ethic cleansing?

There has been much discussion over who started and who is to blame for the Rohingya crisis, Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar's armed forces, or some other governing body?

What are your thoughts, and who do you think is responsible for the persecution of the Rohingya Muslims?

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  • I blame the terrorists because they are the one's that kicked the people from Myanmar out of there town and sent to Bangladesh although Bangladesh is already a poor country.

  • I personally believe that the military is mostly responsible for the depression and persecution of Rohingya Muslims. I think this because they took a damning percentage of power for the country. This means that the military could possibly see this as a risky opportunity to torture and abuse their citizens. These disgusting, pointless humans are purposely assaulting them as that is what they assume is the right thing to do.

    What do you think?

  • Why is she quite she wants her people to be happy all she does is watch them suffer*
    she needs to find out more and stop this NOW!

  • I blame terrorists because if they hadn't gotten rid of everyone and made them go to Bangladesh,which is already a tremendously poor state,then there would be less criticism to man kind and more respect to Bangladesh and man kind

  • Personally,I think that the person to blame is Aung San Suu Kyi. Why i think this is because before she was elected. She won the noble peace prize so most of the people in Myanmar voted her to bring peace to the country. Now that she has been elected there are Rohingya Muslims who are being forced out of their homes and forced to go to Bangladesh which is already a poor country. As she has been elected she has the power to make sure the Rohingya Muslims have an equal right to be in the country. Right now she isn't doing a good job.

  • I'm definitely pointing my finger at the military, although Aung San Suu Kyi named the terrorists I think the so-called terrorists were only defending their religion and people were already being mean to the Rohingya before they attacked. Also, the armed forces are the ones who killed many people.

  • i agree with most of you, i think that this crisis is the fault of the terrorists

  • aung san suu kyi is to blame because she was the one who does not feed the myanmar people because they do not feed them because of their race and religion just because some people skin colour is black it doesent mean that they are any different to you or I.This is racism and it is not ok we are all the same.So as a whole I think that aung san suu kyi is racist and should not be the leader of myanmar

  • I definitely agree with you.

  • The reason why the violence broke out was an act of terrorism caused by Harakah al-Yaqin. The military came along and did some evil uncontrollable acts. This caused a chain reaction that made the military and the government evil/corrupt. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Rohingya_persecution_in_Myanmar look at intional border incidents.

  • I blame the government and terrorists because terrorists are bombing Myanmar and are destroying homes but some people might also blame the government and i agree also. The government are not really doing anything they are just sending the people in Rohingya away because they think they are refuges. People might say its no ones fault and i disagree but i am very open minded and i want to hear more evidence on why its no ones fault. I personally think that just because a country is 90%Buddhist or is 90% christian does not mean Muslims cant live in the country. Finally instead of focusing on war the government should proceed on asking the UN to give them more money for housing. The Muslims of Myanmar are in democracy and they are just shutting then away. Its the GOVERNMENTS fault and the TERRORISTS.

  • what i was saying i meant the military

  • Beloved_chocolate is right but there are still problems in her country, Bangladesh. She got the award for caring for the community and establishing human rights and democracy, yet she has not helped the country at all and blames it on the terrorists when there is no evidence it is their fault. As a leader, she surely has a great responsibility for the country and although she says she is trying help the people I’m not sure I believe her. I believe suffering is bad and Aung Sa Suu Kyi might even believe it herself but she doesn’t show this. To me, she comes across as cold and uncaring instead of kind and helpful. I suspect people feel they can’t talk to Aung San Suu Kyi because she will not talk to her country- she will not show how she is feeling or even express a shred of sympathy for the refugees. If she wants peace in her country, she needs to start being more open and push for it herself. If she can’t fight against the discrimination, nobody can do it for her. It is the job of a good leader after all…

  • I agree because us humans should be treated the same, we should put an end to this!

  • I think the military is the one to blame because I think they were the ones who started it and they might be trying to fight over peace.

  • i think its the military because they done the house arrest and its them that is making the country to divide and cause violence in Aung San Suun kyi's country. They are the ones that is not making peace, they are making chaos.

  • I blame the terrorists because they are the ones that are making people leave Myanmar and the leader is protecting them so it doesn’t come back on her

  • To be honest ahn sang suu Kyi because I think she should open her eyes and see what’s going on to blame it on the people of Myanmar is not right obviously it is the military that’s causing all the destruction and mess ,but also I’m sitting on the fence her because I think personally that she is hiding something and is trying to protect herself cause she should know what’s happening in the country that she is leading maybe she should open her eyes and look around her

  • I blame the army because they burnt people’s houses down and 1000s of people died from it I 100% think it is the army

  • I disagree with this comment because the terrorists are not to blame as they have not bombed peoples houses and bombed villages since it is the military doing all of this, but they are not to blame. The person to blame is the president as she should be taking action as she said she would. They all elected her to be president so they could all have peace between them, but she is not taking action when she should.

  • I think it is the military fault because they burnt down loads of houses and killed thousands of Rohingya witch made them all flee there homes and live in bad places. Also it could be the president who has taken no notice of this for a year.

  • I think it is the military's and Aung san suu kyi fault because Aung san suu kyi is injarge of that country and she is injarge of the military people so she could tell them to stop but she isn't stepping up to them and saying something like, oh you can't do that so can you stop or saying something that will stop them. And I also think that is the military's fault because instead of protecting that country and looking out for them they are fourcing them to move out of there own house, there country and all of there poor family, it is tragic of what is happening to the Rohingyan people; up to 700,000 Rohingyan people are dying nearly every week maybe less!
    So that's who blame for all what's going on, so who would you blame?

  • I personally think that the cause of this is because of the Myanmar military ! The refugee have to go through so much more than most of us may go through in our whole lives . If it wasn’t for the military they would all be safe and have a happy life period

  • I agree with a lot of you.I would blame this all on the terrorist because they were the ones who kicked them out of there own village!

  • I blame the terrorises they kicked them out even though they didn’t do anything. Now they are in a poor country and the poor country might not be able to have them for much longer.

  • I think that it’s the military’s fault because they are burning down peoples homes ( people have lived there for centuries). Because of this , hundreds and thousand of people are being killed and childen and adults are loosing family members.

  • Personally, I think that it was all everybody’s fault because they should of got along in the first place because they are in these terrible conditions .

  • I agree that it is the terrorists because they kicked them out of there home town for no reason

  • The boys that "burned down their own homes" were not to blame because the Rohingya fled to Bangladesh before the military could help them. However, on the other hand, the military should not be burning down homes and therefore, it is the military's fault in my opinion.

  • If you ask me, I would blame Aung San Suun Kyi and the military because the military have been found guilty of destroying the homes of the poor Rohingyan people. Those people have then been FORCED to flee into the neighbouring country, Bangladesh. A terrible injustice has been done unto those people but there IS one peron who MIGHT be able to sort it out... Aung San Suun Kyi! But she has blamed it on TERRORISTS! Since when were terrorist involved, Aung San Suun Kyi was elected to bring people PEACE! And let's see... we have the Rohingyan people's home being destroyed by the military therefore causing them to flee to Bangladesh!

  • She is the one to blame because she is letting her people bring chaos to the Rohingians!

  • If you ask me I blame Aung San Suu Kyi because she should not let the terarists do this to the rohigya so I will give a Stand to these terarists and I hope they stop hurting the Rohigya and give them there homes back !!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks everyone for commenting on my post

  • I think its Aung San Suu Kyi, the Rohingya and the military because Aung San Suu Kyi hasn't been doing anything about the problem, and now the Rohingya people have had to flee to Bangladesh. It's the military's fault also because they've just been burning down the Rohingya people's homes and forcing the people to flee and its the Rohingya people's fault because if they never attacked the 12 police posts, they wouldn't have had to flee, and they could of just went to Aung San Suu kyi and asked to get better health and education, so in my opinion everyone is at fault.

  • I think thereis 2 different prospective to this post the first part is :
    Aung san suu kyi finnaly comes to a conclusion when she said terrorists are the ones to blame.

    And the second part is that people think its the military because their making them flee their homes.

    In my conclusion i think the military is the one to blame.

  • Because the military is the one makeing them flee their own homes so dont blame it all on the terrorists

  • I think it is the governments fault as they are enforcing it

  • In my option i think it is the terrorist fault because it's not actually there home because they probably moved in because they might of being planning to take other there control and it's like what did they do to that to happen.Why do people need to do that as well cause that isn't needed no country should be treated like Myanmar. we should all be treated the same

  • Personally, I think that the military and government is to blame because, although some of the police were attacked, they have acted very harshly to just one small group. The terrorists may have been violent and deserving of punishment, but that does not mean that all of the Rohingya are, as it was only a small group of a vast number of people, so it cannot represent the majority, who have done noting to offend the government and police force. Also, the military leader has an immense amount of power, meaning that Aung San Suu Kyi would not be able to control what the armed forces does. I think that even if she did speak out, it would not be able to stop the crisis completely, or even make a big impact, considering how much power the commander-in-chief has over key positions in the Myanmarese parliament. The military have chosen to act this way against the Rohingya, the majority of whom have not done anything wrong.

    Many may argue that it is the fault of the Rohingyan terrorists, who attacked the 12 police posts, which sparked anger in the military. However, I believe that the terrorists did this because the government was already treating them badly: many Rohingya are being kept in government camps, not allowed to leave; those who do have their own land are being pressured to move off it; and there is a general feeling of spite, anger and prejudice against the Rohingya Muslims in the vast majority of Buddhists in Myanmar.

    Also, people may say that Aung San Suu Kyi should try to do something, as she is a Nobel Peace Prize winner and should do more to promote peace, and Rohingya being persecuted is definitely not peaceful, however there is little she could do.

    As well as my previous thought, I think that Myanmarese Buddhist terrorists who are writing propaganda against the Rohingya on Facebook are partly to blame. This is because, as most people in Myanmar have Facebook as their only source to news, they will believe what is put on their, which turns them against the refugees. This is partly what made the terrorists angry so that they attacked the police posts.

    I think that, whoever's fault it is, they should be stopped and the Rohingya should be able to lead a normal life, which, in my opinion, the military is preventing them from having by attacking them, burning their homes, and driving them out of the country they have lived in for generations.