Who is at fault?


We all know that someone is at fault for what is happening in Myanmar but who is it?


Aung San Suu Kyi might be at fault because she is the 1st state councellor of Myanmar and it is her duty to protect her country so really she should be making big steps and decisions like creating alliances with other countries to help with the crisis. But we don't know what she wants to do about the persucution of the Rohingyas so we shouldn't jump to conclusions.


It is quite obvious why the military might be at fault. They are killing the Rohingyas but why might they not be at at fault? The so called 'real Myanmarese citizens' believe that the Rohingya people aren't real citizens of Myanmar and as a part of the military it is their duty to do what is in the liking of the national public so that is why they might not be at fault.


I know this is quite surprising but we have no evidence that in the past the Rohingyas did nothing to the other citizens of Myanmar. No journalist has ever asked one of the senior Rohingyas about why the other citizens dislike them, if this actually happened maybe the rivalry can be fixed mildly.


They have been accusing the Rohingyas of not being 'real citizens' so it's clear to see why they might be guilty of the happenings in Myanmar but as I said before we don't know what the Rohingyas did to them in the past.


Comment on who you think is at fault.

Thank you for reading. : )