Who should get your seat?

If I had to chose someone to take my seat I wouldn't know straight away since each person deserves a seat. The man on cruches has a medical problem and is very vunerable if the bus was to make him fall and he seems the most bothered as he is the only one not smiling, the pregnant lady has to carry extra weight and her back must be hurting a lot however she is smiling, the old lady has a walking stick to stableise her but if she fell over the consequences would be more serious and the man with the children can always hold their hands. I would feel so bad to only let one of them sit down I would try and see if the other people would stand up too but I dont know if they have a medical problem you can see. In conclusion I would give my seat to the man with the crutches as he seems to be in more pain than the others due to his facial expression.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk 13 Sep 2018

    It's great to hear what you have to say on the activity from session one! Well done for giving reasons for your decision. The best way to have quality conversations on the Hub is to read a post and reply to other students in the comments section. Please only write a new post if you have a brand new idea for a conversation that hasn't come up before. I look forward to seeing what other ideas you have!

  • i would give the man with crutches