Who should get your seat?

I think that the man on crutches should get the seat because he looks like he is in a lot of pain. However, the pregnant woman' if she was to fall over, could not just injure her but also injure her un-born child. But if the old lady was to fall over' the consequences could be more serious. The man with the children might have to be getting up regually to look after his children so won't really need the seat. The two people around me might also give up there seat but they might have an illness that you can't see so they might need the seat. Overall, I think that the old lady should get the seat.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    13 Sep 2018

    It's great to hear what you have to say on the activity from session one! Well done for giving reasons for your decision. The best way to have quality conversations on the Hub is to read a post and reply to other students in the comments section. Please only write a new post if you have a brand new idea for a conversation that hasn't come up before. I look forward to seeing what other ideas you have!

  • St-Edwards-logo-250x250.jpg congenial_theory | St Edward's Catholic Primary School
    13 Sep 2018

    I think the pregnant lady should have my seat because if she is standing in a corner or anywhre around the bus when the bus turns she will hit and her baby will get really injured.

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